We’re based in Southern India, in the Western Ghats working within a cluster of villages
in the eastern part of the Bandipur Tiger Reserve.

    • 600 tigers
    • 8000 elephants
  • 248 native landscape species
  • 55 critically endangered species
  • 148 endangered species
  • 127 vulnerable species

We’re in one of the world’s most important conservation areas.


The wildlife perspective

We’re poisoned by locals as they protect their stock and livelihood after a kill.

We’re killed by hunters for our precious skins and valuable body parts.

The human perspective

We are amongst the poorest in India. We rely heavily on our cattle, crops and the sale of dung from our cattle to live.

Recent years of drought have made our fives even harder.

When the tigers, leopards and other wildlife kill our livestock and damage our crops they destroy our livelihood.


Compensation Scheme

A swift, generous and transparent compensation payment is made to the livestock owners when wildlife kill cattle, goats or sheep. This discourages subsequent retaliation killings by poisoning carcuses.

Disease Control

A birth control programme for dogs and a vaccination programme, in collaboration with the WWF, to prevent the spread of canine distemper and rabies. The canine distemper virus can kill tigers.

Medical Care

A free medical clinic, a daily nurse and a monthly volunteer doctor to help improve health and physical well-being.

Education & Training

A significant new project to build and equip an education and training centre where local women will be trained to use hand looms and produce items that they can sell.

Help is urgently required


Sunita Dhairyam, founder and leader of the Mariamma Charitable Trust is an inspiration.

Her compassion and empathy of people, wildlife and their co-existence drives us to do better and do more.

But without funding, these projects and the communities they support will die.

We need your help.


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