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Whether you can afford Rs. 419 (£5), Rs. 1676 (£20) or  Rs. 8383 (£100), as one-off gift or a monthly donation, every penny you give will make a real difference to the people and animals living in our community.

A monthly gift

Rs. 5000 (approx. £60 ) compensates a villager for the loss of a cow.

Rs. 25000 (approx. £298 ) pays to run the clinic for 1 month

Rs. 75000 (approx. £895 ) pays for birth control and vaccines for 100 dogs

Currently The Mariamma Charitable Trust can only accept payments from within India.

A one-off donation

Bequeath a gift

Buy products from Temple Tree Designs

temple_tree_design_logoSunita Dhairyam is also proprietor of Temple Tree Designs - a wildlife souvenir shop.

If you would like to buy something from Temple Tree, your purchases also contribute towards the initiatives that are run by the Mariamma Charitable Trust.

See us on Facebook and contact Sunita for purchases.